• Brett Dillon

Virus planning? It's business as usual at BD Financial

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Medical experts have said that many people are likely to catch the latest virus. Most (currently 82%) will have mild symptoms, and many will be asymptomatic. So for most of us, the actual virus isn’t the problem. It is the reaction to it or the business interruption due to staff needing to stay isolated. Or it may be clients or customers staying at home. So how is BD Financial Planning managing this?

1. We are offering a choice for all ‘face to face’ meetings.  We can conduct review meetings in the office but also via Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype or the good old-fashioned telephone.  We already conduct many meetings this way. Combined with scanning, texting and email, almost everything can be done just like we are in the office together….except the coffee.

2. If our office is impacted by Covid 19, we are all able to work remotely via laptops from our individual home offices. Fortunately, if we have reliable internet and phone, it really doesn’t matter where we are located.

So we don’t expect any business interruptions and maybe even a shorter commute! Cheers Brett

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