• Brett Dillon

Corona Update 24th March 2020

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

What a month! Today we had our first day of working remotely.

In the interests of caring for both our staff and clients, we decided to follow the advice of our in-house “Chief Medical Officer” and move to our individual home offices. We now have 4 branch offices!

So what does this mean for our valued clients?

If you ring the normal office number (4365 0377) it will still be answered by either Tracy, Devona or Karl. Client actions will still happen. Withdrawals and changes to portfolios can be made. Calls can be transferred through to Karl or myself if required.  We still hold a staff meeting each day to discuss issues and plan the day. The only difference is that we are in four different physical locations.

Review meetings for the next month or two will be a choice of virtual meeting (video) or you can just use your phone with WhatsApp, Facetime, or Skype. Otherwise we can schedule a telephone call. The virtual meeting is very easy and user-friendly. We send you a link that you click to open the video and we are connected. This is our preferred way of meeting at the moment as we can then share screens and documents if required.

Hopefully these changes will be a temporary measure and we will soon be back to normal. Normal employment, normal business and normal markets!

We know however, that it is a very difficult time for many people. There will be significant job losses, unemployment and some businesses will close. Many people are understandably worried.

Karl or I are happy to schedule an additional phone/video meeting if needed to discuss any areas of concern. Financial Planning isn’t just about money. It’s helping make the right choices especially when times are tough. We’re here to help. Please email devona@bdfinancial.com.au  to schedule any additional meetings.

It is a rapidly changing situation – we’ll provide updates as they come to hand.

Stay safe, take care and be kind to each other.



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