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Personal insurance

Most people purchase house, car, and health insurance without giving it much thought, but it is  well-known that, in Australia, most people are under-insured or hold no personal insurance at all.

‘She’ll be right! I’m fit as a fiddle’ is fine - until you’re not.

We can help you find the best cost-effective cover to meet your individual needs and protect your family.

It's also important to review your existing cover on a regular basis. 

Life insurance

Life insurance is really fairly simple – a lump sum is paid out if the insured dies.

This can help protect your loved ones financially by covering costs like mortgage payments and living expenses.

Father and Daughter

Total & permanent disablement insurance (TPD)

TPD insurance covers you for disability that stops you from ever working again. It is a lump sum payment that is generally payable when your doctors state that, in their opinion, you will never be able to work again. It is often combined with the life policy.

It is important to examine the details of the policy, as TPD can vary markedly from one insurer to another.

Income protection

Income protection insurance is simply a regular payment (usually around 75% of your income) made to you should you become disabled or sick. It is insuring your biggest asset – your ability to earn a living.

Trauma insurance (also known as Crisis)

Trauma insurance pays a lump sum in the event that you experience one of the specified traumas in the contract. The vast majority pay out on the main traumas – cancer, heart attack, coronary bypass surgery and stroke.

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